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Apple Intends to Build New Spaceship Campus in Cupertino 

Apple intends to build its new futuristic campus (Apple Campus 2) in Cupertino, Calif. 

According to Keyser Marston’s economic impact report, the campus will be 2.8 million square feet, and the centerpiece will be an ”iconic circular office building” that’s four stories high and can accomodate up to 12,000 employees. The impact report suggests that the new campus will create significant fiscal benefits.

Via Keyser Marston Report:

“With a 10 percent annual growth rate, 7,400 employees will be hired between June 2013 and the completion of Apple Campus 2 in 2016, resulting in a projected total employee count of 23,400.”

And by the time the whole campus is built…

Via AllThingsD:

  • The total number of Santa Clara County-wide jobs supported by Apple is expected to be about 41,100.
  • The net annual fiscal surplus generated by Apple to Cupertino is predicted to exceed $11 million.
  • Local public agencies will collect an additional $32 million of property tax revenue.

FJP: Why do we even need an economic impact report to defend Apple’s plans to build a massive flying saucer/space station? It’s not like Apple is powerful enough to take over or anything… ha. — Krissy

Image: One of Cupertino’s renderings of Apple 2’s campus.




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